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Stream Watch

The following combination of activities provides information about the quality of surface water throughout the watershed:


Fifteen volunteer Stream Watchers monitor twenty-one stream sites (PDF of monitoring log/database) on a monthly basis. This analysis includes visual observation, physical characterization, water temperature, air temperature, pH, water depth, and flow rate.


Supplementary analysis of conductivity, fecal coliform, or other wastewater related parameters is conducted as necessary.


Macroinvertebrate sampling and analysis through the Annual Water Quality Study (link) is performed by Monroe County, with additional sites being sampled through the use of TC/TCWA funds.  An annual macroinvertebrate survey (PDF) is produced combining both entities’ sampling results.


Monitoring the performance of the ten sewage treatment plants in the watershed is accomplished by reviewing the monthly discharge monitoring reports which are submitted to DEP.


Surface Water Samplers are being installed in two stream locations to help us quantify the impacts of nonpoint source pollution, carried by stormwater runoff, on the quality of our water resources.


USGS Stream Gages provide flow, depth, temperature, and precipitation data for the Tobyhanna Creek as well as flow, depth, and temperature data for the Tunkhannock Creek.