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POCONO LAKE PA 18347-0796

PHONE: (570) 643-2001 or (570) 646-5206

We Want You!
You can participate in maintaining the health of Tobyhanna Creek by joining the TC/TCWA’s efforts in several ways.
Be a Good  Creek Neighbor
You can be a good neighbor to the Tobyhanna Creek by making good decisions about everyday things you do. From caring for your home, car, and lawn in the right way to taking simple steps to reduce runoff by installing a rain barrel... we can all do our part to help the creek.



The TC/TCWA is  always looking for more volunteers to assist us in the implementation of our programs.  You are invited to attend one of our monthly board meetings and perhaps become a board member in the future.


If you are interested in making a difference in the Tobyhanna Creek watershed, we offer aopportunity to work with others who have similar interests. Together, we can work toward conserving water and maintaining water quality.



We are a volunteer organization dedicated to educating our members, residents, and business neighbors to preserve the valuable and irreplaceable waters, wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife within our watershed.

Most of our projects are carried out through grants which have been obtained through state agencies and local foundations.

We welcome contributions at one of many membership levels.